PranaQi ~ 
Restorative Yoga & Acupuncture
Workshop 40.00
resuming in the fall October 29th

Awaken your purest self, letting go of deep held resistance and pain, find freedom in the clear flow of energy within you.
 PranaQi is a combination of the beautiful deep practice of restorative yoga and the ancient wisdom of acupuncture, allow this blissful bodywork to bring your being back to it’s natural state of wholeness.

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Yoga, Meditation, & Creative Writing
Sunday September 10th 1pm 20.00

Yoga and meditation opens YOU to YOUR deepest truths.

Through yoga you find your breath, through mediatation you find your message and through writing you find your voice. 
Practicing writing and yoga together can ignite your creative fire and liberate your authentic voice and deepest truths.
Stress in the body can inhibit or block creativity. Yoga can help release the stress and can lead you to access what lies beneath the surface of your mind, and through writing you give life to these revelations.  

New Classes

Yoga for Teens
Mondays at 4pm

Yoga For Veterans
Tuesdays @ 10:45am

Restorative Yoga
 for EveryBody
Fridays @ 5:30pm

Ongoing Monthly Workshops

  Restorative Yoga & Acupuncture 
  Last Sunday of every month @ 3pm

Habits & Happiness
Thoughts on Meditation 
& Life Coaching
With Ruth Landstrom, Ph.D.
This month will be held on the 2dn Friday
*August 10th @ 12:30pm

Meditation every 3rd Friday Of the Month
at 12:30pm

Yoga, Meditation, & Creative Writing  
2nd Sunday of every month @ 1pm

Dharma Documentaries 
   3rd Sunday of every month @ 3pm  
FREE Showings of inspirational films that
 inspire love, compassion and oneness in us all. 

Dharma Documentaries
will begin again in September

FREE Showings of inspirational films that inspire love, compassion and oneness in us all.  
Spiritual films that connect us                        with the world around us. 


Habits & Happiness
Thoughts on Meditation & Life Coaching
With Ruth Landstrom, Ph.D.

This month will be held on the 2dn Friday
*August 11th12:30pm

Meditation every 3rd Friday Of the Month

Each month we will meet on the third Friday at 12:30pm. All are welcome. There is no charge, but donations will be accepted. 

Ruth Landstrom, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist specializing life coaching, with private offices in Warwick and New York City.  For more about Ruth, and to listen to a short meditation with Ruth, visit

YOGA for Veterans 
and their Families
Tuesdays at 10:45

Vastu & the Warwick Valley V.F.W. together invite & encourage VETERANS, SERVICEMEMBERS, & THEIR FAMILIES
to experience the benefits of YOGA & ACUPUNCTURE at Vastu
Tuesdays at 10:45am at no cost to attendees. 

Yoga strengthens the body while increasing flexibity & balance. Breathing exercises increase lung capacity and meditation calms the mind.
YOGA & ACUPUNCTURE have been proven to be very effective in  helping with reducing anxiety & depression, symptoms of PTSD, and easing the symptoms of combat stress. They have been found to be effective in restoring resilience both for men & women on active duty and for veterans who have returned home.
 Every class will offer Breathing, Mindful Movement, Meditation & Acupuncture

Vastu & the V.F.W. together supporting the recovery & resilience of our veterans, their families, and our community.